10 Animals That Like To Get Buzzed

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Humans aren’t the only ones who get their kicks from narcotics. The following animals have been known to get their buzz on, and it’s pretty hilarious.


1. Jaguars



Jaguars chew caapi vine.

Jaguars usually eat leaves and grass to help to purge and cleanse their bodies. But when they eat Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Chacruna or Chagropanga, plants that have Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which has natural psychedelic compounds, they end up hallucinating instead.

You can tell this jaguar is tripping because it has that look every person on ecstasy has when they’re watching a light show.


Source: YouTube


2. Reindeer




Reindeer eat shrooms.

In the Arctic circle, the Amanita muscaria, or fly agaric, is a widely available psychoactive fungus. Shamans from the Northern Hemisphere once used these intoxicating fungi to have visions.


It just so happens to be a favorite food of reindeer. Reindeer seek these mushrooms out even under snow.


Many native Alaskan tribes used to drink the urine of reindeer who had ingested these ‘shrooms because the body does not adequately metabolize mushrooms. Therefore much of the psychedelic properties are excreted through urine.


3. Wallabies




Wallabies use opium.

Australia is the leading supplier of legal opium in the world. The people from down under grow these plants for medicinal purposes. If you didn’t know, opium grows from poppy plants.


Yup, the Wallabies, are into the heavy stuff. They have been known to wander into poppy fields, eat the plants until they are whacked out, and then hop around for hours creating crop circles.


4. Elephants



Elephants get drunk.

In the hot summers of Africa, the marula tree’s sweet, yellow fruit provides refreshment. The fruit is used by natives to make jam, wine, beer, and a liqueur, Amarula. But the fruits that aren’t harvested start to ferment as it begins to rot under the hot sun.

Not only elephants but other animals all get together to eat the rotten fruits and get extremely drunk when they consume large amounts of the tasty fruit.


Source: YouTube


5. Horses



Horses get on locoweed.

Locoweed is a poisonous plant in the Western United States. Locoweed is a highly addictive mind-altering drug in small amounts.


Ranchers and other horse owners have noted that locoweed is a huge issue for them because it is so common. During the winter, it is one of the few green plants that are available on some pastures.


The side effects are depression, behavioral instability, and weight loss.




6. Dolphins




Dolphin puff on puffer fish.

Pufferfish produce a potent defensive chemical when they feel threatened. In small doses, the toxin it ejects can induce “trance-like states” of those who come into contact with it.


Experts captured rare footage for a BBC documentary that showed dolphins carefully chewing on those pufferfish, which might be the most badass method of getting high on this list. These dolphins know that eating the puffer fish is harmful, yet they do it anyway.


Source: YouTube


7. Bees




Bees drink alcohol infused nectar.

Much like elephants, bees enjoy getting drunk. Whether it’s fermented nectar or pure ethanol, bees sometimes indulge in drinking what is equivalent to a human drinking ten glasses of wine. Some bees prefer nectar that contained nicotine or caffeine.


The bees who are drunk tend to have a harder time flying and may even get lost trying to find their way back to the hive.

8. Capcuchin Monkeys & Lemurs


Monkey eat trippy millipedes.

The Cachupin monkeys of South America and lemurs of Madagascar get high off millipedes. The millipedes release toxins when the animals softly bite the bug causing them to spray the liquid out as a defense mechanism.


9. Bighorn Sheep


Bighorn sheep take narcotics.

In the Canadian Rockies there a yellow-green lichen that is exceedingly rare, takes decades to grow, and has no nutritional value.


The bighorn sheep will scale the steepest cliffs to lick the stones where it grows. It’s so addictive that the sheep have been seen scraping their teeth down to the gum to get the last bits of it off the rocks.


10. Birds


Source: IronPhoenix/SuzanneBritton


Birds eat beer berries.

During the winter months in Canada, the cold causes Mountain Ash Berries to ferment.

The Bohemian Waxwing will go to extreme lengths to get a taste of these berries. While all the other animals are migrating south for the unforgiving winter, these birds will fly up north to Canada to get drunk off these berries.

It turns out these birds have a history of Mountain Ash Berry abuse. They have flown into windows or walls, or even cars. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve has had to take in some of these animals for “rehab.”