The 9 Most Delicious Animals


It may be common to eat cows, pigs, chickens, fish, even lambs where you’re from. But in other places it’s taboo. Similarly these animals may be unthinkable to consume, but for travelers and citizens of other countries, it’s commonplace. Here’s what they said about the delicacies you’re missing out on.


1. Cat



In Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, The Philippines, and China, dog and cat meat is said to give the eater luck and virility. For those that prefer the bitterness adrenaline lends the meat, the animal is killed slowly.


“Much to my dismay I’ve eaten cat.

It was given to me in a stew with potatoes, peas, carrots and a dark red gravy that I am not entirely sure what it was made of. It was also flavored with what I could detect was black pepper and curry. It was spicy and delicious, the meat was succulent and it nearly melted off the bone which made it rather appealing. I was told it was rabbit until I finished eating it and I was revealed that I had just eaten cat meat.”


2. Guinea Pig




“I ate guinea pig once in South America. It’s sold as street food commonly there.

The guinea pig was skinned, smothered in herbs and grilled over an open fire. There wasn’t much meat on it, but it was very lean and juicy. I was told the guinea pigs are fed with a secret mixture few days before they’re killed and prepared, so their meat tastes better. I haven’t noticed any special flavor, so it might be just bogus tale for tourists.”


3. Ostrich



“Ostrich jerky. It tasted a lot like regular beef jerky but it had a unique taste to it too.

I had tried it at a festival from a vendor who had all different types of jerky. He also had gator, bull, buffalo, kangaroo, and yak, out of all of them the ostrich had the riches and best taste due to its unique flavor and the chewiness it gave to the jerky. Instead of like normal beef jerky where its like you’re chewing it for hours this is very easy on your jaw and makes the flavors come out more. ”


4. Kangaroo




“When I was 16 years old I traveled to Australia and ate Kangaroo for the first time in the Australian Outback.

It was by far one of the most delicious meats that I have ever eaten. It was prepared barbecue style and was kebab style. The meat was juicy and tender due to the sauce so it had a lot of flavor and it was seasoned perfectly. It was delicious and rugged meal which was the perfect complement to an amazing experience exploring the Outback. ”


5. Fugu




“I Ate Blowfish (Fugu) in Japan.

Last month while I was in Japan for business purpose I decided to try Blowfish (Fugu). Fugu is largely the organs such as the liver, which is never served, but if the fish is prepared incorrectly, eating fugu can kill you. There are strict laws in place in Japan to regulate the production and serving of fugu, which is only permitted by highly trained chefs. So I was quite thrilled to try the Blowfish i.e. fugu. I found a restaurant that served the dish and went there and ordered the fugu. To my surprise, there are, in fact, many fugu restaurants in Japan. When I was eating it I felt that the  fugu meat had a very subtle taste and a very slight chewy consistency. I dipped it in a sauce to give it more taste. Later I ordered fried fugu and that was very delicous. I think cooking it brings out more flavor. It was one of the best experience in Japan to try fugu and quite thrilling too.”


6. Cobra



“One of the strangest food I have ever eaten is food made by snake in a Vietnamese restaurant.

Before the food is served, The snake’s blood is drained into a glass and then mixed with rice vodka. These all are said to help strengthen virility, tone, and digestion. Some bold men can even eat the still beating heart of the cobra by just swallowing it. To start the meal, drinkers enjoy these liquors while waiting for the restaurant to serve snake meat.The snake meat, skin, and bones then can be cooked in many ways: fried, curried, etc. All are delicious and tasty.”


7. Alligator



“Alligator is very similar in taste to – surprise! – chicken.

The alligator dish I consumed was an appetizer called gator bites.  It is essentially small pieces of alligator meat that have been breaded and deep fried.  My wife and I had this dish at a restaurant that sits on the intercostal waterways on the west side of Florida.  If you haven’t ever tried alligator before, be brave and just think of it as chewy chicken!”


8. Crocodile


“During a visit to Cambodia, I went to a restaurant with my group and we ordered food with a variety of meats. One of the meats that we ordered was Crocodile.

It had been cut like a ribeye steak and had been marinated in a thick steak sauce. It was grilled and served with additional sauce poured on top. I remember it tasting a bit bland but it had a nice tender texture. I would definitely order it again.”


9. Snails



“Of all the weird and delicious foods I have had the opportunity to eat, I must say that escargot is by far the best tasting.

The first time I ordered escargot, the actual flavor was almost overwhelmed by the twin tastes of butter and salt. I do, however,” say almost.” The actual “meat” of the escargot lent a musky,earthy, fishy taste that, combined with the thrill of eating something so disgusting (i.e. snails), won out over the blander tastes of foods like squid (super bland), frog legs (tastes like chicken), and mussels (gritty).”